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Wirelessunits This Months Specials

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 Cambium Networks PMP320 3630SM, Purwave WIXS-177, Gemtek 3.65GHz


INCLUDES:  Integrated Radio, Power Supply, Complete Mounting Hardware, Ethernet Gland (6 month warranty).

$125.00 EACH  -  Quantity 20+ $99.00 EACH


Cambium Networks PMP320 3630APC 3.65GHz


INCLUDES:  Connectorized Access Point (6 month warranty).

$749.00 EACH


Cambium Networks PMP450 3.65GHz 20mbps Subscriber Module


Part #:  C036045C003A  (Refurbished Includes 6 month warranty).

$275.00 EACH


Cambium Networks PMP450 5GHz 20mbps Subscriber Module


Part #:  C054045C003B  (Refurbished Includes 6 month warranty).

$235.00 EACH

 Cambium PMP 100 Series 


Receive a FREE POE with every SM, AP or BH you purchase.
9000SMC P9 Connectorized Subscriber Modules $35.00 each
9000SMC P10 Connectorized Subscriber Modules $84.99 each
9000APC P9 Connectorized Access Points $129.00 each
9000APC P10 Connectorized Access Points $189.00 each

Advantage Subscriber Modules (14Mbps) $84.99 each

 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.4GHz, 5.7GHz P10/P11

Advantage Access Points $189.00 each

2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.4GHz, 5.7GHz P10/P11

20Mbps Backhaul Links $245.00 per link

2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.4GHz, 5.7GHz P10/P11 

Cambium Point to Point


PTP 5.8 600 Link Connectorized Refurbished $1750.00

PTP 5.4 600 Link Connectorized Full Power   $1750.00

PTP 5.8 400 Link Connectorized Refurbished $699.00

PTP 5.4 400 Link Connectorized Refurbished $699.00

Replacement PTP600 PIDU    @ $249.00

Replacement PTP400 PIDU    @ $249.00

PTP LPU Kits *NEW*             @ $199.00

MemoryLink GPS Sync Units *NEW* @ $199.00 each

Cambium Manamgement

Cambium CMM3 1070CK Complete with GPS Antenna and Power Supply @ $450.00 each
Cambium Replacement CMM GPS Antenna @ $80.00 each
Cambium Replacement CMM Power Supply  @ $80.00 each


For use with Cambium Networks 24V Gigabit Poe - PMP100, PMP450, ePMP1000 @ $10.00 each
SMMB2A 10 Pack Mounting Arms NEW $65.00 per 10 pack
Cambium 600SS Surge Suppressor $24.00 each
Cambium 27RD Reflector 4 Pack @ $350.00 per 4 pack


Free Connectorization

We will connectorize any PMP100 Access Point, Subscriber Module or Backhaul for free with any purchase.

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